We are a member's only private training club offering unlimited sessions to an array of disciplines. AFTRBRN, RB GYM, RB BODY SHOP, RB NUTRITION, CLASSIC BODYBUILDING, RB FAST with unlimited use of the gym and studio.

Who is Rich Barretta

Rich Barretta is widely know throughout the fitness industry. Whether it’s through bodybuilding, his work with actors and athletes, or the hundreds of trainers he’s created. Rich started competitive bodybuilding in 1981 at age 18. Coming in 2nd place at his first show was all the heartbreak he needed. Utilizing his “Target Training” method, Rich went on a winning streak: ‘82 teen Mr. Phila, ‘82 teen US bodybuilding champion, ‘84 Mr. Pa, ‘86 Jr. Mr America and capping it off with prestigious Mr. America title in 1987. Rich toured as Mr. America, giving training seminars, as well as guest posing as far away as Australia. After his Mr. A win, he trained top athletes including the USFL Philadelphia Stars, Team Foxcatcher’s triathletes, and Olympic wrestlers. Rich used his innovative techniques to improve their athletic performance and endurance, and bring them to the highest levels of their sport. Rich assembled his own bodybuilding team, which was notorious for dominating every show in the Philadelphia area. In the early 90’s, Rich made his way to NYC, where he put personal training on the map. First, he built trainers for David Barton Gym, and then moved on to Equinox in ‘92 to help them build a personal training empire. At Equinox, Rich taught his training methods and built a training staff of over 300 trainers. In the late 90’s, Rich moved on from building trainers for Equinox because he saw the industry was changing. The corporate world of gyms was killing the art of training, as certifying trainers in a weekend became the norm. In ’98, Rich opened his own gym, Duomo, where he again built an incredible staff of trainers. It was during this time that Rich created his signature AFTRBRN™️ class. By 2007, Rich was looking to move away from the 24,000sf Duomo to focus on Private Training. In 2008, Rich opened RBPT where he built the top private training studio in NYC.

March of 2020 brought the pandemic, and forced RBPT to close it’s doors after 12 years. As the studio laid dormant for months Rich did a lot of soul searching. Although the studio was extremely successful, it missed the energy of Duomo. Rich brings a certain focus and intensity that most trainers just don’t have, therefore, he brought back a gym which brings a level of coaching previously taught only to trainers…and AFTRBRN! RBPT is a boutique gym offering coaching in all aspects of fitness from bodybuilding/bodysculpting, sport specific conditioning and strength training, nutrition, injury and preventative maintenance. Rich adds an understanding of the science behind the objective. It’s this cerebral approach that enables the mind body connection required with target training. Everyone follows one philosophy while building a community. Training privately can be expensive and difficult, with bookings and cancellations. but with the new RBPT, Rich found a way to make private training effective, affordable, hassle free and most of all, fun! There’s nothing else like RBPT out there; mostly because there’s no one else like Rich.

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What is Target Training

With Target Training™️ specific anatomical movements are used to target specific muscles. Target Training™️ is not just lifting weights. Rich targets not just the beach muscles, but all the little secondary muscles that help strengthen the body structurally. He works the muscles' range of motion, while keeping it under tension. You then can shape muscles and add size, increase endurance and performance, or lean out the body. Rich has used this method on many of Hollywood’s biggest stars to get them ready for their craft, such as Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth in X-Men. Rich also works with professional athletes like 2-time MVP Steve Nash, and NY Magazine’s Michael Hirschorn, who featured his experience of losing 80 lbs in 20 weeks with Rich in an article. Rich also works with David Blaine, who pushes the limits of his body like no one else.

How does RBPT work?

-All members receive an initial consultation with Rich, where fitness history, goals, injuries, and concerns are discussed

-A nutrition program is designed for each client

-A custom program is designed where you will start learning the different disciplines

-No matter when you come in, there's always a trainer

-AFTRBRN classes run on a posted schedule

-Gym is open, come on your schedule


Are there any additional fees for coaching?

-No, all memberships include coaching

How long are sessions?

-A normal workout would be 60 minutes, however, you are not bound by time. You're free to stay as long as you like. AFTRBRN classes run 40 minutes.

What are the hours?

-Monday 8am-8pm, Tuesday-Thursday 7am-8pm, Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-2pm, Sunday Closed

What are the rates?

Month to month: 1K with no commitment

Single session: $250

We do not offer paid-in-full memberships

There are no late for appointment or late cancel charges



by Rich Barretta

the genesis of anaerobics


RB Body Shop

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flexibility and myofascial release


RB Gym

by Rich Barretta

gym, bodybuilding, bodysculpting, RB FAST


RB Nutrition

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nutrition program for optimal results


AFTRBRN is the genesis of anaerobics. It combines art and science to create the ultimate training method.

  • Burn more calories
  • Build muscle endurance & bone density
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase stamina
  • Shape your muscles
  • Lower your body fat
  • Elevate your sex drive
  • Look like a superhero

Train with Rich


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Rich winning the NPC New Jersey

Rich winning Mr. America


Hey Rich! Just wanted to say: this Thanksgiving a number of my family members have commented on how fit I look, which feels great! And I only started coming to class mid-September! So, thanks to you, & to AFTRBRN! Happy Thanksgiving



Aloha Rich!

I want to share some pictures of my bridal dress fittings from before I started AFTRBRN, and my journey to a more toned back and arms. (I had changed my dress but the transformation is still noticeable). Some stats: I was 145lbs in April, by July I was 135lbs and on my wedding day in September I was 128lbs. I even went down in all my clothing sizes, even my ring size! I felt so beautiful and confident on my wedding day, and one of the most incredible thing since starting your nutrition plan and Afterburn: I felt more energized, awake, and excited for each day. I sleep more soundly and wake up naturally in the morning without an alarm. This was the best gift ever.