Nate Loves AFTRBRN!

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1. What is AFTRBRN


The art of bodybuilding and bodysculpting is combined with science to create a game changing method of anaerobic training called AFTRBRN.

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2. Target the muscles

Target Training

All muscles will be taken through the full range of motion with total control of the movement. The time under tension method will force the muscles to work anaerobically. Due to insufficient oxygen, the muscles lactate, creating the signature burning sensation. In addition, the shape of the muscles will be enhanced.

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3. Muscle fibers break down

Bodybuilding or Bodysculpting. You Decide.

Making the muscles repeatedly expand and contract breaks down the muscle fibers, which rebuild stronger, and more resilient. AFTRBRN utilizes anatomical movements which target specific muscles to create shape and tone. Using light resistance creates long lean muscles. To increase muscle size, simply increase resistance.

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4. Let the magic happen

Reap the Benefits

Lactic acid adheres to the muscle fibers, causing them to become more resilient, and harder to break down. The recycling of lactic acid, and the activation of the mitochondria in the muscle cells cause the body to look for fuel for 24-48 hours after your work out. Like throwing gasoline on a fire, this gives your metabolism an AFTRBRN effect. Your body is burning calories at rest!


Hey Rich! Just wanted to say: this Thanksgiving a number of my family members have commented on how fit I look, which feels great! And I only started coming to class mid-September! So, thanks to you, & to AFTRBRN! Happy Thanksgiving



Aloha Rich!

I want to share some pictures of my bridal dress fittings from before I started AFTRBRN, and my journey to a more toned back and arms. (I had changed my dress but the transformation is still noticeable). Some stats: I was 145lbs in April, by July I was 135lbs and on my wedding day in September I was 128lbs. I even went down in all my clothing sizes, even my ring size! I felt so beautiful and confident on my wedding day, and one of the most incredible thing since starting your nutrition plan and AFTRBRN: I felt more energized, awake, and excited for each day. I sleep more soundly and wake up naturally in the morning without an alarm. This was the best gift ever.