-I’ve worked with trainers all around the world, and it became very clear to me, very quickly, that Andrew is the best at what he does. Seriously. I often joke that he is some sort of magician because sometimes it really seems that way.

I’ve worked with Andrew for the past four years, and have seen my body change dramatically during that time. Not only that, but Andrew is still keeping the workouts fresh and interesting, four years later! Andrew puts everything into his work and tailors each workout to each of his clients, and this shows.- David A

-I began working with Andrew right after I had my 2nd child. At the time, I honestly just thought I would lose some weight and feel better. I never thought I would look better than I did before having kids.

At the onset, we worked on returning my body to pre-pregnancy shape and focusing on areas I wanted to improve. Since then, I have been working with Andrew for over 2 years and he is still able to surprise and challenge me with every workout. He is extremely talented and is good at pushing my limits so I improve with every session. Highly Recommended! -Mary P

-When I first came to him I was badly out of shape. After several years of not working out I had just about zero muscle strength and as a result I couldn’t do a single squat or a push-up. I had no endurance and got exhausted during just about any cardio.

Ten months later and the results speak for themselves. I’m 45lbs lighter. My body has ‘shape’ to it. I can do squats, push-ups and now a multitude of new, ever-more challenging exercises. Best of all, my attitude towards fitness has changed. It no longer feels like a hassle to exercise, but a process I actually enjoy in no small part due to the self-confidence losing weight and gaining muscle has given me.

Andrew was and continues to be the perfect trainer on this journey. He’s encouraging and pushes you without being overbearing. He’s patient but never lets you take the easy way out. No two sessions with him are the same – he continually switches up what we do so I am never bored. He’s also a stickler for form so, as well as learning how exercises should be done, the last 10 months have been injury-free,

Outside of the gym, Andrew is just as helpful, providing me with a specific diet plan, as well as cardio exercises and gym workouts to maintain progress when I’m not with him.

Finally, Andrew is always on time to every appointment, engaged during every session and available on text if I have a questions. I feel he is as committed to my progress as I am.- Andrew H