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1. Sign up

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The art of bodybuilding and bodysculpting is combined with science to create a game changing method of anaerobic training called AFTERBURN. Private sessions with RB are $300/hr. Send inquiry.

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2. Target the muscles

Target Training

All muscles will be taken through the full range of motion with total control of the movement. The time under tension method will force the muscles to work anaerobically. Due to insufficient oxygen, the muscles lactate, creating the signature burning sensation. In addition, the shape of the muscles will be enhanced.

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3. Muscle fibers break down

Body Building or Body Sculpting. You Decide.

Making the muscles repeatedly expand and contract breaks down the muscle fibers, which grow back stronger, and more resilient. If you want bigger muscles, use more weight. If you're happy with your muscle tone, keep the weight low, and build muscle endurance.

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4. Let the magic happen

Reap the Benefits

Lactic acid adheres to the muscle fibers, causing them to become more resilient, and harder to break down. The recycling of lactic acid, and the activation of the mitochondria in the muscle cells cause the body to look for fuel for 24-48 hours after your work out. Like throwing gasoline on a fire, this gives your metabolism an AFTERBURN effect. Your body is burning calories at rest!

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