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All of the trainers are taught bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, flexibility, nutrition, exercise science, etc. This is combined with a philosophy on how to create the right program for each clients specific needs. They have incredible range in their abilities along with dynamic personalities. You won't be bored! Rich found that over the years training has become very expensive and routine. Private training is now available in both private and semi private sessions to make it affordable. Train as a couple or join one of our small teams, and train with the best trainers NYC has to offer at a reasonable rate. We don't sell packages. Pay as you go. We take pride in what we do, and earn your trust every session. "We're as good as our last session!"

Derek $175/private $100/semiprivate

Derek Nicholas, a NSCA certified personal trainer, found his way into the training industry on the west coast, though a native New Yorker. It was his own love of physical training and extreme sports – including cycling, mountain biking and snowboarding – that ignited his passion for fitness and eventually brought him the incredible opportunity to work with others on a one on one basis. Read more about Derek

  • Justin

Justin $150/private $100/semiprivate

I believe that through Target Training one can achieve not only the physical appearance they desire, but also the fitness and functional needs for optimum living. It is truly the best way to create a training program that is specific to the needs of each client. That is what I was missing most as a dancer and performer while being trained by other personal trainers. Being able to share this knowledge and understanding as a trainer is what motivates me.I look forward to helping motivate and guide you in your journey to looking your best while becoming the fastest, strongest and best you can be! Read more about Justin

  • Chris

Christopher $155/private $100/semiprivate

Along with a BFA in Ballet from University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music, Christopher has multiple certifications (NSCA, New-Leaf Metabolic Training, Kettlebell, AED) and a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology. HIs years as a choreographer, teacher, and mentor, combined with Rich Barretta’s vast knowledge; have shaped his approach to life, and enhances his skill-set. These tools, along with experience, help achieve his client’s goals.“Seeing my clients achievements realized, is an inspiration. I love training clients as much as I love training myself. There is a beauty in helping people achieve their goals, learn something new and break through barriers.” Read more about Christopher

  • ANNE_RBPT (1 of 1)-4 (2).jpg

ANNA $135/private $75/semiprivate

As a professional artist and dancer I sustained injuries that led me outside the realm of traditional physical therapy and chiropractic care for treatment. One injury in particular involving a muscle in my leg was basically career ending. I was told that I would never fully recover, that I would always have limited flexibility and range of motion. Then I met Rich Barretta. Within two months of working with Rich, utilizing target training with resistance, I was back to dancing. I was doing things I was told I wouldn’t be able to do again. What Rich was able to give me is invaluable. It inspired me to want to help others as Rich helped me. I believe in fostering a strong mind-body connection. It is important for helping you to understand what is working and why. I enjoy mentoring and motivating, working with you to reach your fitness goals. I have many techniques to improve strength and endurance, as well as flexibility, while maintaining long lean lines. I’m excited to share them with you. Let’s get started! Read more about Anna

  • angelis.trainfit_pt_161016_051007 (2).jpg

Luis $180/private $100/semiprivate

Luis Reyes was born a native New Yorker from the Lower East Side in 1982. Throughout his youth, he was challenged with much adversity, obesity being one of them. In his late teens Luis chose to take a different path and decided to focus on fitness and health. With an extensive martial arts background, Luis began to focus on other aspects of fitness. He obtained certifications in anatomy and nutrition through IFPA, NASM, and NFPT. He has helped many of his clients today with overcoming chronic illnesses through strength training, and proper nutrition guidance. Read more about Luis

  • Jarrod_500 (2).jpg

Jarrod $125/private

Growing up I was one of those kids who always liked to be outside, no matter what the weather was like. That is just what kids did living in the Mid-West. I participated in all types of sports such as basketball, football, soccer, track and more. During my high school years I decided to join an ultimate Frisbee league and went on playing for over 4 years. Ultimate Frisbee is very interesting and demands agility, coordination, muscle endurance and stamina. It was during this time that I really became interested with my fitness, health and nutrition. I started to understand my body more and how it functions. I started noticing how what I was eating was benefiting me so that I could be able to perform at my best. I wanted to know the limits of my body and how I could push it beyond those limits. Read more about Jarrod

  • Andrew Saulino

Andrew $140/private $75/semiprivate

Andrew Saulino has worked with all levels of clients through a variety of target training—those who are looking to sculpt their body as well as those who are interested in weight loss. His specialty is working with new clients who never took training seriously and would like to improve their lifestyle. He enjoys working with anyone who feels like their fitness is starting to plateau and wants to step up their routine. With time and dedication, he’s going help you love doing this.

  • Krisztina Byrnes.jpg

Krisztina $110/private $55/semiprivate

Krisztina, a natural athlete and a native of Hungary, started playing competitive tennis in Kindergarten until age 15. In 7th grade she was introduced to running, and participated on her high school and college track team. While she continued playing tennis for fun her real passion lies in running. At the age of 20 she emigrated from Budapest to New York City and although tennis was expensive and difficult to organize, running was a natural fit. A mother of two, Krisztina believes staying fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do for your children. It is because of those children that she met Rich, when their sports loving sons became best friends. Rich recognized her passion for fitness and knew she would be a big asset at RBPT. Her no nonsense, boot camp style of training helps her clients stay on track and get the best results they can. Read more about Krisztina

  • ray500 (2).jpg

Ray $140/private $100/semiprivate

"It wasn’t like I was sitting at a desk one day and decided to be a trainer. I didn’t take a class or a weekend test to start in this industry. It’s the way I live, and it has been for many, many years.” Says Ray Scalvino, personal trainer at Rich Barretta Private Training Studio. “When I was younger, I loved competitive sports, and then I moved into bodying building in the 80’s. I train now for different reasons: physical health, mental health and taking care of the stress. And of course I like the way working out makes me look. Ray’s approach to training his clients is very balance. He treats his clients with respect and understanding; but gives the push needed to get everyone to be at their highest level. No one is lazy on Ray’s watch…….Ray brings it every day and expects the same from his clients. Read more about Ray

Rob $135/private $75/semiprivate

For the past 11 years Rob has worked as a Firefighter for the FDNY, where training for life is a part of his everyday life and career. Rob has experience working with clients of many fitness levels , ages, and stages of life. He has worked with clients with various injuries post rehab. He is certified in pre/post natal and a nutritional specialist. Although clients may have a variety of physical limitations, Rob is able to work with each person and customize a workout plan to fit their needs and push them to their greatest potential to achieve the results they want. Rob has a wide variety of skills ranging from mixed martial arts to bodybuilding and has always focused on all core components of fitness, promoting optimal training for each client. He has always made fitness a high priority in his life and enjoys motivating his clients to push themselves to be their best everyday and create their ideal future. Read more about Rob

Bryan $125/private $75/semiprivate

Along with being NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have earned a degree in Health Science focused on Human Development. My objective is making training personal again. This is about you.

With nearly ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry my approach has been shaped by my time in the United States Air Force as an OIF Veteran, an NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and nearly a decade of Personal Training. With extensive knowledge of; nutrition and dieting techniques, training modalities, and behavior modification your new healthy lifestyle will be most important of all… sustainable. Read more about Bryan

  • Chanice

Chanice $110/private

Physical fitness is a lifestyle change that is sourced from a commitment of the mind, and demands discipline for everyday life. Growing up with a parent who serves in the armed forces has instilled in me the importance of discipline. Routines such as eating breakfast, or allowing sufficient rest were constantly enforced. In studying psychology, my ability to become more aware of the necessity of mental preparation when faced with various challenges and goals had increased. As a personal trainer, I apply this knowledge to an exercise program that best suits your goals. During training, critical attention is placed on breathing and posture, which are crucial to functional mobility in everyday activities. Mental fitness is an optimization of strength of body and mind, which my training practice is based on. Read more about Chanice

Susan $125/private

Susan acquired invaluable experience training under Rich Barretta in anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics and nutrition in the early 2000's.She has also gained expertise in boxing and Muay Thai, having been a student of Ajarn Phil Nurse for nearly 20 years. Susan runs the boxing program at The Wat in lower Manhattan. Susan applies her extensive experience from inside and outside of the ring, to develop fun, safe and effective training sessions that her clients look forward to. Her training principles are easy to tailor to anyone who has the goals of feeling better, performing better and living better. She wants her clients to have energy, confidence and health. Tell her what you want to do and Susan will design a program to help you do it better. Read more about Susan

  • Fav.jpg

Fav $110/private $75/semiprivate

While many in this new current social era believe fitness is based on ones solely outer appearance, they forget that one must first build their bodies foundation. It’s a concept I first learned at the age of 17 when I joined the US ARMY. Amazed to see how an individual “DRILL Sergeant” was able transform a stubborn physically weak street kid into a strong productive soldier. Jokingly aside from the yelling it began with proper nutrition and gradually at an intense motivated pace building strength and endurance. The duo ultimately leading to a slim physically fit young troop able to perform on the battle field. As a combat veteran I enjoy putting forth that same military energy with my clients. Using those military leader ship skills to train group fitness and one on one has been very beneficial to my clients. Producing the results, they desire. Always focusing on proper exercise form and technique to achieve optimal results and prevent injury. Read more about Fav

Shannon $125/private $75/semiprivate

Shannon has been studying Martial Arts for 40 years, becoming a Black Belt Instructor of Hapkido and TaeKwonDo, and studying Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Bagua Chuan, Sing I, and Tai Chi. After joining the US Marines straight out of high school, Shannon was involved in a severe motorcycle crash, breaking his neck as well as many other bones and initiating him into a life-long world of overcoming injuries and chronic pain management. He began working in gyms in 1994 and specialized in weight loss and management of injuries during training. While traveling the world extensively, working overseas for 5 years in the private security field, he lived in a Zen Monastery where he practiced the Rinzai form of Zen, studied Krav Maga in Israel, trained in a brutally effective form of Aikido with the Japanese Riot Police, and learned Close Quarters Combat with a member of the British SAS. He returned to NYC in 1999, training in and instructing Hapkido under Sabumnim Herbert at New York Martial Arts Center. He taught Self Defense and Rape Prevention at Pratt University, and in 2001 became a Trainer at Rich Barretta's renowned Duomo Gym in New York City. He then opened his private studio for Personalized Training and Martial Arts Instruction in 2003. Shannon went on to work as a Police Officer for 5 years, before recently returning to NYC to continue his career goals and again be among the best trainers in the country under Rich Barretta's Mentorship. Shannon credits Rich with teaching him how to be a real Trainer, with the ability to target specific areas of the body, and then teach clients how to visualize and target those areas for themselves...and not just be someone with "degrees and certifications". It's a privilege to again be one of Rich Barretta's Personal Trainers. Read more about Shannon

Johanna Hayes $125/private $55/semiprivate

I am dancer and choreographer for both stage and film. My dance career is rooted in floor work, modern and contemporary styles, improvisation and house. My formal training includes graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy, attending Lines Ballet Training Program, and receiving my Bachelors in Dance from Bates College. In 2018, as a Junior in college, I was awarded the Philips Fellowship which funded my studies abroad in Europe. There I studied how different contemporary dance techniques affect relationship to body, place, and community. This research gave way to my Thesis Words into Action: An Investigation of Dance Practice as Tool to Implement Social Theory.

My curiosity in choreography has lead me to both the stage and screen. My work has been awarded by the American College Dance Association and also commissioned by companies in New York State.

My extensive dance training lead me to find a deep passion for learning about the body. You could say I am a bit of a body nerd. I have studied different somatic practices, anatomy, and kinesiology, and currently I work as a Physical Therapist's Assistant. I grew up in Colorado, where a love for the mountains kept me constantly hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and just being outside. You can find me on any dance floor in the city, or on a pair of roller skates in the park.

I believe that our bodies are our greatest tool. I want to help you not only look great, but also feel great and more in tune with your body.

Jacinta Torres $125/private $55/semiprivate

When I was a kid I had very bad O.C.D and anxiety. Being physically active whether it was dancing, playing sports or jumping on the trampoline was what helped me to enjoy the moment and be distracted from my minds obsessions. It was my way of decluttering my head and feeling good in my own body.

4 months ago I got knee surgery because I had ruptured my ACL from rock-climbing. Which led me to a period of feeling frustrated, depressed and lack motivation. Since I am an extremely active person who loves physical adventure whether its trying a new sport or going on a week hike I was forced to stay in bed feeling completely limited. Now that I am in the process of recovery I feel stronger then ever. It made me realize how much I value breaking a sweat and challenging my body to do and try new things such as Rich's training.

I want to teach people through training the power of being physically active and how it truly can change not just your body but your mind as well. And how important it is to feel strong, healthy and attractive with yourself.