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All of the trainers are taught bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, flexibility, nutrition, exercise science, etc. This is combined with a philosophy on how to create the right program for each clients specific needs. They have incredible range in their abilities along with dynamic personalities. You won't be bored! Rich found that over the years training has become very expensive and routine. We don't sell packages. Pay as you go. We take pride in what we do, and earn your trust every session. "We're as good as our last session!"

Derek $175/private

Derek Nicholas, a NSCA certified personal trainer, found his way into the training industry on the west coast, though a native New Yorker. It was his own love of physical training and extreme sports – including cycling, mountain biking and snowboarding – that ignited his passion for fitness and eventually brought him the incredible opportunity to work with others on a one on one basis. Read more about Derek

  • Justin

Justin $150/private

I believe that through Target Training one can achieve not only the physical appearance they desire, but also the fitness and functional needs for optimum living. It is truly the best way to create a training program that is specific to the needs of each client. That is what I was missing most as a dancer and performer while being trained by other personal trainers. Being able to share this knowledge and understanding as a trainer is what motivates me.I look forward to helping motivate and guide you in your journey to looking your best while becoming the fastest, strongest and best you can be! Read more about Justin

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Luis $180/private

Luis Reyes was born a native New Yorker from the Lower East Side in 1982. Throughout his youth, he was challenged with much adversity, obesity being one of them. In his late teens Luis chose to take a different path and decided to focus on fitness and health. With an extensive martial arts background, Luis began to focus on other aspects of fitness. He obtained certifications in anatomy and nutrition through IFPA, NASM, and NFPT. He has helped many of his clients today with overcoming chronic illnesses through strength training, and proper nutrition guidance. Read more about Luis

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Andrew $150/private 

Andrew Saulino has worked with all levels of clients through a variety of target training—those who are looking to sculpt their body as well as those who are interested in weight loss. His specialty is working with new clients who never took training seriously and would like to improve their lifestyle. He enjoys working with anyone who feels like their fitness is starting to plateau and wants to step up their routine. With time and dedication, he’s going help you love doing this. Read more about Andrew

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Ray $140/private

"It wasn’t like I was sitting at a desk one day and decided to be a trainer. I didn’t take a class or a weekend test to start in this industry. It’s the way I live, and it has been for many, many years.” Says Ray Scalvino, personal trainer at Rich Barretta Private Training Studio. “When I was younger, I loved competitive sports, and then I moved into bodying building in the 80’s. I train now for different reasons: physical health, mental health and taking care of the stress. And of course I like the way working out makes me look. Ray’s approach to training his clients is very balance. He treats his clients with respect and understanding; but gives the push needed to get everyone to be at their highest level. No one is lazy on Ray’s watch…….Ray brings it every day and expects the same from his clients. Read more about Ray

Bryan $125/private

Along with being NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have earned a degree in Health Science focused on Human Development. My objective is making training personal again. This is about you.

With nearly ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry my approach has been shaped by my time in the United States Air Force as an OIF Veteran, an NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and nearly a decade of Personal Training. With extensive knowledge of; nutrition and dieting techniques, training modalities, and behavior modification your new healthy lifestyle will be most important of all… sustainable. Read more about Bryan

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Fav $110/private

While many in this new current social era believe fitness is based on ones solely outer appearance, they forget that one must first build their bodies foundation. It’s a concept I first learned at the age of 17 when I joined the US ARMY. Amazed to see how an individual “DRILL Sergeant” was able transform a stubborn physically weak street kid into a strong productive soldier. Jokingly aside from the yelling it began with proper nutrition and gradually at an intense motivated pace building strength and endurance. The duo ultimately leading to a slim physically fit young troop able to perform on the battle field. As a combat veteran I enjoy putting forth that same military energy with my clients. Using those military leader ship skills to train group fitness and one on one has been very beneficial to my clients. Producing the results, they desire. Always focusing on proper exercise form and technique to achieve optimal results and prevent injury. Read more about Fav